Open Gym Passes!!

Parents... Are you tired of paying for open gym week after week? Well, now you don't have to! TPG is selling open gym passes in packages of 5's and 10's - or any amount you'd like! This way, you don't have to worry about finding a couple extra dollars each week under the couch cushions... Here's how it works: 1. Purchase your open gym pass pack at the front desk.  2. Send your child to TPG with one of the open gym passes and that's it! It's that easy!! See the front desk for both member and non-member pricing. You'll be glad you did!!

Our Referral Program:

Twin Ports Gymnastics is proud to announce a Reward Program to all our loyal customers! We appreciate you spreading the word about our wonderful gymnastics program - so, to thank you, we are offering $10.00 off your tuition (per family) for each new student that you refer and joins our program for, at least, 1 full session! HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS...
1. You tell all your friends and family about Twin Ports Gymnastics 2. One (or more) of your friends or family members decides to try out our program. When they register, all they need to do is say your name! 3. If that person is a new student and they join for at least one (1) full session, you get $10.00 off your next session!! It's THAT easy!! Earn $10.00 off your next session PER REFERRAL, up to, but not to exceed the cost of your class fee. It's a GREAT WAY to save money for yourself - and to help GROW OUR GYMNASTICS CENTER!!

TPG is YOUR gym!

If you have any special talents to help our gym become even more than it is, PLEASE don't be shy. It's people like ALL of us sharing our talents and hard work that make a NON-PROFIT like Twin Ports Gymnastics continue to run. Volunteering is not only helpful, it's necessary for us to stay in business. THANK YOU for ANY help you can offer!!






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Contact us!

Contact us anytime...

We're conveniently located at:

3000 Hill Avenue

Superior, WI 54880

or, by phone at:



Register TODAY For Classes!!!

Twin Ports Gymnastics promises quality coaching staff and a positive, friendly gym atmosphere where your children

can experience the wonderful sport of gymnastics.  We are a member of USA - Gymnastics.  Our mission is to address the individual needs of each gymnast, to promote personal growth as well as skill development in gymnastics in a safe, healthy, and fun environment.  We invite you to take a look at our facility, our program, and our staff.  

Twin Ports Gymnastics Club offers a specialized pre-school program with daytime and evening classes.  We also offer classes for USAG Progressive Levels for girls and boys, High School off-season training, recreational classes, and a Competitive Team for Levels 3-10.

Birthday Parties, Open Gym, and private gym rentals are also available.


About Twin Ports Gymnastics...

The sport of gymnastics has been an active part of the youth sports offerings in the Superior area since 1972 when a club was first offered on the University of Wisconsin - Superior campus by the university coaching staff.  In 1992 a group of parents of young gymnasts formed a grass roots effort to organize this club in what is now Twin Ports Gymnastics Club, Inc.  This club was able to purchase gymnastics equipment from UWS and formed a partnership with the YMCA in Superior to offer a complete gymnastics program at the Mariner Mall in Superior.  In 2001, the YMCA decided to drop its support of gymnastics.  Parents involved in the club made a decision to keep the club going and continue to offer gymnastics education and competition in this community.  The club was awarded Non-Profit status in 2002 and has grown significantly since.  Now at 3000 Hill Avenue, the club provides space and equipment for the Superior High School Spartans Gymnastics Team to work out with.   Twin Ports Gymnastics is active in community events and enjoys hosting demonstrations and entertainment when requested.  The club donates space and coaching staff for the Duluth All Stars Special Olympics team each year. Several gymnasts involved in the Twin Ports program have gone on to compete at the collegiate level.  Twin Ports Gymnastics provides a learning experience for the young people of our community that no other sport is able to do.

We invite you to call or stop by to learn more about our program.


Twin Ports Gymnastics is a proud member of:



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Here's Just SOME of What We Offer:

Girls and Boys GYMNASTICS (ALL levels!),



Gym Rentals

Preschool Gymnastics,

Club and High School Gymnastics Meets,


A SAFE Environment for YOUR child,


Central AIR CONDITIONING and HEAT for the entire gym,

FREE WI-FI for the parents while you wait,

and, MOST OF ALL... We give your child
over 8000 Square Feet of FUN!!!

More reasons why we ARE
Twin Ports Gymnastics