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Our Referral Program:

Twin Ports Gymnastics is proud to announce a Reward Program to all our loyal customers! We appreciate you spreading the word about our wonderful gymnastics program - so, to thank you, we are offering $10.00 off your tuition (per family) for each new student that you refer and joins our program for, at least, 1 full session! HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS...
1. You tell all your friends and family about Twin Ports Gymnastics 2. One (or more) of your friends or family members decides to try out our program. When they register, all they need to do is say your name! 3. If that person is a new student and they join for at least one (1) full session, you get $10.00 off your next session!! It's THAT easy!! Earn $10.00 off your next session PER REFERRAL, up to, but not to exceed the cost of your class fee. It's a GREAT WAY to save money for yourself - and to help GROW OUR GYMNASTICS CENTER!!




Twin Ports Gymnastics Policies


Registration Procedures

New and returning students must register in person with their parents or legal guardian.  The class registration, annual fee, tuition, medical history, and policy agreement must be signed and returned before students may participate.  Once registered, your placement in class is reserved the entire season until you request a change in times or level, or upon further notification.  Please notify the front desk the last week of the current session if withdrawing from the program.  Registrations are accepted on a first - come basis. 


Tuition and Class Fee Policy

A $30 annual membership fee for individuals or $50 per family is due upon receipt of registration.  The yearly membership fee runs from September to August.  Tuition is due the first week of each new session.  A $25.00 service charge will be applied to any check returned insufficient. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD - as well as your personal check and/or cash.



Twin Ports Gymnastics runs on six week sessions.  Member Registration Week is the last week of the current session for the upcoming 6-wk session.  Non-members are able to register the 1st week of the session.    We ask that you notify us during the last week of a session if you plan to discontinue or make a change in a class.


Advancement Between Levels

Preschool:  Our levels of preschool are primarily separated according to age.  However, if a child has mastered all of their skills in their current class, it is possible for that child to move up to the next preschool class.  Children must be at least 6 years of age to move up to our progressive program. 

School Age:  Skill cards have been developed for every level to use as a guideline for practices.  When a gymnast has completed their individual skill card for a particular level and their coach feels they are ready for the next level, the gymnast must make an appointment to be tested.  In order to move to the next level, the gymnast pass an evaluation with one of our designated coaches.  The gymnast cannot be tested by his or her current coach.  If the gymnast passes their evaluation, they may start their new class the following session.


Make Up Procedure

Twin Ports Gymnastics understands there will be times you are unable to attend class.  Please let the front desk know in advance what day you will be missing and the day you choose to do your make up on.  ALL MAKE UPS MUST BE PRE-SCHEDULED!  This is to ensure all classes are properly staffed.