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Open Gym Passes!!

Parents... Are you tired of paying for open gym week after week? Well, now you don't have to! TPG is selling open gym passes in packages of 5's and 10's - or any amount you'd like! This way, you don't have to worry about finding a couple extra dollars each week under the couch cushions... Here's how it works: 1. Purchase your open gym pass pack at the front desk.  2. Send your child to TPG with one of the open gym passes and that's it! It's that easy!! See the front desk for both member and non-member pricing. You'll be glad you did!!



Krista Almquist:

Competitive Team Coach

Competed as a USAG gymnast

Graduated from UW-Superior with a BS in Corporate & Community Health

USAG Professional Member & Safety Certified



Nicole Whelan:

Competitive Level 3 Coach

Competed as a USAG gymnast

Currently attend LSC to pursue her AA

USAG Professional Member & Safety Certified


Heidi Larsen:

Competitive Level 4 Coach

Competed as a USAG, YMCA, & SHS gymnast

Currently attending LSC to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene

USAG Professional Member & Safety Certified


Brittany Hansel:

Competitive Level 5 Coach

Competed as a YMCA gymnast

Graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BS in Exercise Science

Graduated from the American Public University with a Masters in Sports Science

USAG Professional Member & Safety Certified


Tamara Phillips:

Competitive Level 6-9 coach

Has an extensive dance background

Graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy with a license in Professional Massage Therapy

USAG Professional Member & Safety Certified


Kelly Deyo - Assistant Team Coach

Jennifer Robbins - Assistant Team Coach

Katie Penney- Assistant Team Coach



Steve Martin - Boys Competitive & Recreational Coach

Cindy Michalski - Xcel Competitive Coach




Aili Eibon

Sam Etienne

Riley Hagberg

Kay Held

Brooke Hendrickson

Alyssa Jackman

Alyssa Roach

Sydney Samborski

Hawkeye Siebert

Cassie Strum

Hannah Wilmers




Bre Houston

Kari Fleck

Kathy Olson