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Open Gym Passes!!

Parents... Are you tired of paying for open gym week after week? Well, now you don't have to! TPG is selling open gym passes in packages of 5's and 10's - or any amount you'd like! This way, you don't have to worry about finding a couple extra dollars each week under the couch cushions... Here's how it works: 1. Purchase your open gym pass pack at the front desk.  2. Send your child to TPG with one of the open gym passes and that's it! It's that easy!! See the front desk for both member and non-member pricing. You'll be glad you did!!



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Table of Contents

  1. How do I register for classes?
  2. Where can I find the schedule of classes?
  3. Why should I consider gymnastics?
  4. Who is the gym director?
  5. What type of equipment is required?
  6. When is sign-up?

How do I register for classes?

[It's truly simple. Just stop by the gym and fill out the required forms. Also, it would be helpful if you could review the gym's policies and parent's pointers prior to registering. It's just that simple!]

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Where can I find the schedule of classes?

[Right here on the website. Go to the top menu bar and our class schedules are listed under "Schedules".]

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Why should I consider gymnastics?

[Gymnastics is one of the most incredible individual sports a child can be involved with. It makes for healthy bodies, minds and emotions. It gives children a "can do" attitude and it allows them to experience the self-confidence that's lacking in many people's lives today. It also creates some of the most enduring, life-long friendships a child could ask for!]

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Who is the Gym Director?

[Krista Almquist. She practically LIVES at the gym - so, if you have any concerns, odds are, you'll find her there!]

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What type of equipment is required?

[Honestly, it depends on the level of the gymnast. To begin with, there's no specific equipment required. For the older girls, a leotard is needed and, for the higher level girls, grips can be beneficial.]

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When is sign-up?

[You can sign up ANY day the gym is open! In fact, why not call TODAY? (715-395-6119)]

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