Team Policies

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Open Gym Passes!!

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Rules & Policies for All Team Members



  • Gymnasts must attend all scheduled workouts September 1st through April 30th or be placed in an appropriate progressive class.  It is possible for exceptions to be made for school related activities.  In this case, please consult the director who will make the final decision for each individual situation.

                        Level 4 – 6 hrs per week is required. (2 days at 3 hrs. per week)

                        Level 5 – 9 hrs per week is required. (3 days at 3 hrs. per week)

                        Level 6 – 9 hrs per week is required. (3 days at 3 hrs. per week)

                        Level 7 – 12 hrs per week is required. (3 days at 4 hrs. per week)

                        Level 8+ - 16 hrs per week is required. (4 days at 4 hrs. per week)


  • Vacation may be taken at any time; tuition will NOT be prorated due to vacation.  If a gymnast takes more than 4 weeks off between May 1st and July 31st, they must retest to continue in their current level.
  • Gymnasts are expected to attend all regular practice throughout the summer sessions. 
  • Open workout will be offered to all team members as an opportunity for extra practice.  This is also a good chance for gymnasts to make up a missed practice.
  • Private lessons are available.  You and the coach of your choice arrange the lesson.  Prices are as follows:

                                    Beginner -   $15 / 45 min

                                    Level 4 -     $20 / hour

                                    Level 5/6 - $25 / hour

                                    Level 7 -   $30 / hour


  • Each gymnast is obligated to call the coach if she will be late or absent from practice.
  • Gymnasts must attend ALL practices the week prior to a meet.  If a practice is missed, the gymnast will be pulled from the meet.  The only exception will be a doctor's note.  Meet fees are non-refundable.
  • Gymnasts will be expected to promote Twin Ports Gymnastics by participating in demonstrations and parades.


Training Rules:

  • Maintain good health.

  • Maintain good grades in school

  • Please use your study time in school to...STUDY!  If extra homework time is needed, gymnasts are encouraged to bring their work to the gym.

  • Maintain good conduct, discipline, and etiquette at all times when representing TPG, including any time TPG clothing is worn.


Advancement Between Levels:

Advancement Criteria:

  • Gymnasts must receive a move up score a minimum of 3 times during the current season. Level 5 and higher must receive one of her move up scores from a USAG sanctioned meet.

  • Before advancing, gymnasts must have all current required skills and 90% of the skills indicated on the skill chart.  This is upon coach's approval.

  • Gymnasts from another gym may start our team program at any time if they are currently at a team level.  They will be charged for the remaining meets along with team apparel.

  • Gymnasts have the opportunity to advance levels in between each trimester upon completion of the advancement criteria.

Trimesters are as follows:

Fall                        September-December

Winter                   January-April

Summer                  May-August


Gymnast Supplies:

  • All gymnasts must have their hair neatly pulled back.  Please use hair clips.

  • Gymnasts need briefs if they wear a leotard with no shorts. 

  • A sports bra and deodorant is required if your child is 10 years or older.

  • Gymnasts must provide their own tape and pre-wrap if needed.

  • Grips are not recommended until Level 5 at the gymnasts discretion.

  • Gymnasts will need a warm-up leotard, competitive leotard, competitive warm-up suit, briefs and competitive sports bra.



  • If a gymnast has been complaining of a particular injury for more than 2 weeks, she will be asked to see a doctor.  She will be able to participate in practice again with a doctor’s note explaining her injury and what she is able to do.

  • If a gymnast has been to the doctor and is restricted from certain skills or events, she will have her own lesson plan that will consist of flexibility, conditioning and drills. 

  • A doctor's note is required for braces. 

  • As a coach we never want to push a gymnast to do something that may be harmful to her.


Team Membership Termination:

  • Failure to attend weekly scheduled practices.

  • Excessive absence during competitive season (September-April).

  • Non-participation in club sponsored events (i.e. meets, demo, fundraiser).

  • Failure to maintain minimum fitness and flexibility requirements. (see skill chart)

  • Extended period of poor workout behavior.

      1st occurrence:           notify gymnast of problem area, suggest solution

      2nd occurrence:          notify parents, request home discussion

      3rd occurrence:          schedule conference with parent and athlete

      4th occurrence:          dismissal from team


Booster Club/Parent Meetings:

  • The purpose of the Booster Club is composed of all team parents.  The is to enhance the competitive team program.  Various fundraising activities will be held throughout the year.  This includes raising money for team expenses and equipment.

  • Meetings will be held the second Monday of the month and are important to attend.

  • $15.00 will be charged to each family every quarter.  (Aug, Nov, Feb, May)  This covers concessions, decorations, and team party expenses.



  • Please note that your coaches are experienced professional members of USA Gymnastics and are required to be safety certified.

  • Parents can observe workouts at any time HOWEVER, please refrain from coaching from the balcony.

  • Parents are NOT allowed on the gym floor at any time.

** if you have a concern about your child, team policies, or need to schedule a private lesson please make an appointment at the front desk to speak with the director or a coach.

  • Meet information will be given out as soon as we receive it.

  • Parents are NOT allowed to call or email any other gym.

  • Please remember sometimes children interpret information other than the way it was intended.  Information from your child may be skewed.  If you have questions regarding information received from your child, feel free to make an appointment at the front desk to speak with the coach or director.



Tuition and Other Expenses:

  • Tuition payments are to be paid prior to or the 1st week of the session.  If tuition is paid after the deadline, a $5.00 fee will be added to your bill.

  • If a gymnast is absent due to sickness or vacation, tuition will not be prorated.  The only circumstance in which tuition will be prorated is if the gymnast has an extended illness or injury.

  • Along with regular monthly tuition, parents will be required to pay for a USAG #.  Meet fees will be due prior to the meet date.

  • Volunteer hours are required from each family.  6 hours per session is required.  If you chose not to volunteer each hour will be multiplied by $6.75 and this amount will be charged to your account.


** Participation in gymnastics activities involves motion, rotation, and height in a unique environment and as such, carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk, WARNING catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death can occur as a result of improper conduct of the activity.