FAQs - Twin Ports Gymnastics
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How do I sign-up for classes?

You can register for classes by stopping in to the gym or giving us a call after 4pm.

View our “Registration Checklist” to streamline the registration process! — Click HERE.

How do I sign-up for a free trial class?

Schedule your free trial at the front desk.  You will not need to pay anything!  However, it is required for you to complete a WAIVER before participation.  Trial classes MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE.

What should my child wear to classes?

Students have the option to wear the following clothing:

  • Leotards (girls’ leos are sold at TPG!)
  • Leggings with tank tops or t-shirts
  • Shorts with tank tops or t-shirts


  • Clothing with zippers, snaps, or buttons (they will wear down our equipment)
  • Clothing or leotards that expose the midriff
Where can I purchase a leotard for my child?

We have leotards you can purchase at our front desk!

Our gym carries the Snowflake Leotards brand.  We occasionally get new leotards, so check back for more selection!

Parent Pointers!

We’d like to review some of our rules that help to ensure a safe atmosphere at Twin Ports Gymnastics for students, staff and visitors.

No students are allowed inside the gym until called out by their instructor.  NO exceptions to this rule.


Arrive on time for class.  Warm ups are a very important factor in gymnastics. If your child is not properly warmed up before class, the chances for injury are higher.  Plus, then they do not miss out on any fun at the beginning of class!


Be on time picking up your child after class. Young children become upset when they don’t see you when their class is finished.


Don’t forget to schedule your make-up class at the front desk. This is to ensure proper staffing is set for your child’s class. Unscheduled make-ups will NOT be allowed to participate in class.


Please do not allow your children to run in the viewing area, up and down the stairs, in the locker room, and in the lobby area. In addition, please do not allow your child(ren) to jump from the bleachers. This may cause injury to your child(ren) and be a disturbance to others.


Boys not allowed in the Girls Locker Room. Girls, please knock before entering the Locker Room.


Remember to take all your belongings with you at the end of your child’s session. We regularly find socks, sweatshirts and other articles of clothing.


Twin Ports Gymnastics is not responsible for lost/stolen items, so please make sure that children do not bring valuable items.


Remember:  No shoes or food is allowed in the gym area.

Thank you for following these simple Parent Pointers!

Contact us anytime... We're conveniently located at: 3000 Hill Avenue Superior, WI 54880 or, by phone (715) 395-6119